Are you a computer guy?

Well, this is not anything technical. Just a burb about some experience most people can relate living in an Asian country where computers has not  been around too long.

You see, long time ago when computers are getting the buzz. A lot of parents just send their kids to computer studies without knowing anything. Everybody just say computer is the future. Not knowing there are actually a lot of branches to IT. Especially when the internet has become part of the IT world there are even more branches to computer studies and majors. Here in this story, we have a typical IT graduate who is working as Software Engineer. The parents would not have the slightest idea what he does. So he end up being a computer guy to his parents. One day, during a morning coffee gathering like most retired folks will do in my part of the country, one of parent’s friend will ask:

Old friend A: Hey, Ah Kau can you ask your computer son to come take a look at my son’s computer? He has been unable to turn it on for the past few days. Isn’t you son a computer guy? He working in IBM (old folks only know IBM as the computer company), right?

Computer Guy’s Father: Yeah sure. My son is very smart. He has been working in IBM for 5 years already. He is very good with computers. See him working with it everyday. Using this small computer (laptop) that the company GAVE HIM.

Old friend A: Wah…he must be very good. Or else his boss will not give him a small “powderful” computer. I heard it’s very expensive. That’s why I bought the big one for my son.

CG Father: Yeah, yeah…my son earning 5 figure income now. (smirking like any proud parents would of their kids)

The following night at home:

CG Father: Hey, Derrick ah, can you go to Uncle A’s house and take a look at his son’s computer? He say the computer not working for past few days.

Computer Guy: Oh..cannot. I am not a computer technician.

CG Father: Didn’t I send you to study computer? You should know how to fix computer, right? After all, you are working in IBM.

Computer Guy: I only learn basic about computer parts in college. I am working as software engineer now.

CG Father: What is software engineer? You are computer guy. You can handle everything about computer. Help out Uncle A. I told him you working in IBM. IBM is THE computer company, right?

Computer Guy: Software Engineer is a person who design and create software for a computer system..blah…blah..blah….after 5 minutes of explaining.…so that’s what Software Engineer is.

CG Father: Huh? Duh…

Computer Guy don’t know how to respond…and end up being a computer guy fixing computers for uncle A.

I am sure a lot of you older generation of IT guy would be able to relate to this…computer guy thingie…

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    Even displaying minimal knowledge about something computer related will turn in you into “the computer guy”.

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