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Stop SOPA with site blackout

I am joining the fight for SOPA even though I am not from US. I think SOPA will affect every site in the world as US is the biggest internet contributor in the world. Coming from a country where internet or as the matter of fact, transparency is a big issue, I will support any protest against internet censorship. Do not forget the internet got to what it is today due to it not having censorship. Best example is to look at China vs US in terms of the country’s economy and politics. China being a closed country for so long and after they open their door to foreigners, opportunities arises in the billions and they started to flourished. We do not want the same thing to happen to the rest of the world. Because once SOPA is successfully implemented, I am sure most other countries will follow suit using SOPA as their benchmark for internet censorship.

Hence, I am joining in for saying NO TO SOPA on the 18th Jan 2012.